“Strongest, lightest, toughest – purity of art, individuality and engineering..."

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. The iconic Schouw design studio and master goldsmith Mitchell Davidson sought to answer the question:

“What if a man, intending to marry but uninspired by conventional wedding bands, wants to wear only the strongest, lightest, most purposefully individual wedding band conceivable?”

The result was creation of the LightStrong wedding band, like no other. A masterpiece of design – mathematically perfect structure, symbolic of unyielding connection of two parts – elemental beauty of form, and strength-to-weight many times higher than any conventional band. Inspired by purpose, faithful to nature and meticulously milled from an exceptional alloy of titanium and vanadium – meant to be worn always, anywhere, forever.

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Always, anywhere, forever...

Inspired by the notion of a uniquely discerning individual who never wants to be without their wedding band – especially in the most challenging environments or conditions – a timelessly elegant band to last indefinitely, able to be passed between generations.


Titanium has the highest specific strength of any pure metal. The LightStrong wedding band is crafted from titanium that’s alloyed with vanadium and minute proportions of other elements to achieve extraordinary physical properties, including even greater tensile strength, resistance to tarnishing, and very low thermal conductivity – beneficial for comfort in extreme temperatures. The LightStrong band is hypoallergenic and exceptionally durable, made to last for centuries without maintenance.


The LightStrong band is meticulously designed, engineered and crafted to be ideal for an adventurous individual who wants to feel safe and unrestricted while wearing it during even the most demanding work or extreme sports.

Although conceived as a wedding band, the iconic LightStrong design is suitable for limitless individual personalities and lifestyles, unlimited by imagination or gender. The LightStrong band can represent a promise or covenant, a memory, a graduation, a special occasion, or simply an extraordinary expression of self.


A very discreet personal inscription can be laser-inscribed along the inside circumference of the band. If you select YES for this option, the adjusted price will be indicated.

When specifying your inscription, please check carefully to make sure that there are no errors. Although abundant space is provided, please feel free to contact us if you wish to request a longer inscription.


30-day full refund policy (or 50% with personal inscription).

Permanent replacement policy in case of defect: no cost.

Permanent replacement policy (after 6 months) in case of loss: $250 USD replacement fee.


Ring size must be specified individually. To confirm correct size, please refer to our international SIZE CHART.

If the size of your LightStrong band ever needs adjustment, it can be easily increased by up to two size increments, or decreased by up to one size increment, usually within a one-day turnaround.

Regardless of ring size, the overall width of the band is approximately 8 mm and maximum thickness is approximately 2 mm.


Free shipping within Canada, USA and most other countries.

Individual finishing will commence upon order confirmation, with personal inscription if requested, typically requiring 3-10 business days.